In June 2016 we held a deliberative event at Thackray Medical Museum, in collaboration with Leeds South and East CCG, to take a look back at what we have achieved through our 1 in 4 men prostate cancer awareness programme, and how we can continue to work together to further reduce the prevalence of prostate cancer in black men.

We had a number of highly knowledgeable and influential speakers at the event including;

Professor Alan White – Centre for Men’s Health

Dr Peter Branney – Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University

Pastor George Crawford – BME Cancer Voice Champion

Ms Heather Nelson – CEO Black Health Initiative

Here are some pictures of them in action…

Setting up and networking at BHI prostate cancer deliberative event
The team from Leeds South and East CCG came along to support us.











The crowd were welcomed to the event by BHI CEO Heather Nelson.
Pastor George sharing his story about his experience with prostate cancer.







Professor Alan White discussing the results of the Leeds Beckett University report on men’s health.












Keep an eye out for the full report on our prostate cancer deliberative event coming soon…