The Teenage Health and Wellbeing project offers schools, the local authority and community groups the opportunity to commission bespoke courses that are designed to engage young people who are at risk or are already disaffected. The engagement is carried out through a range of methods in recognition that marginalised and disaffected young people are not a homogenous group. These methods are determined by various factors which are all considered at the point of pre-course delivery. Engagement is carried out in groups or on an individual basis depending on the issues that require attention.

BHI is able to effectively engage young people to ensure that they are kept abreast with information about their health. The project is renowned for effectively engaging and positively impacting the lives of marginalised and disadvantaged young people between the ages of 13 to 19 years old. The project utilizes a holistic approach to supporting young people to live healthy and positive lifestyles and encourages informed decision making.

The courses available address the social, educational, emotional and physical aspects of life and informally educate young people about the potential risks of becoming disaffected. Young people who are currently or bordering on academic underachievement, irregular attendance at school, becoming NEET or becoming a teenage parent will benefit from working closely with the BHI team who have expertise in challenging these behaviours and the attitudes and values behind them.

The referral system used by Schools and community organisations is an easy access form which can be submitted electronically or by post to the BHI office.

The courses BHI currently offer are listed below. The modules can be delivered as single workshops to meet the requirements of the organisations and the young people they cater to:

Peer Mentoring Programme (Social/Educational)

Identity programme- Who am I? (Emotional/Social)

Assimilation Programme (Social/Emotional/Educational)

Positive Relationships- Is this love? (Emotional/Social)

Positive Lifestyle Choices- Are you ready for this? (Physical/Emotional/Educational)

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention- (Social/Emotional/Educational/Physical)

Parliamentary Outreach BHI Teenage Health and Wellbeing Project also empower marginalised and disadvantaged youth to express their opinions and experiences of being part of the wider society. BYSO is a youth forum group that meets weekly to discuss issues that affect African, African Caribbean and Dual Heritage communities. It was founded by two African Caribbean young women who sought the professional support and expertise of the BHI. The forum seeks to raise awareness of various issues which affect them:

Domestic Violence

The BHI team is experienced in identifying and addressing issues that marginalise young people which are also compounded by cultural components. Within the last 12 months the team have worked with secondary schools delivering courses to young people who have recently come to the UK as well and needed support to settle into the British education system. The team has also worked with groups on positive and healthy relationships, raising aspirations and peer mentoring.


The staff BHI Teenage Health and Well-being project has been extolled as ‘…professional, supportive and friendly. They are well informed about the issues that young people face, especially within the BME community’. Sam Plows – Pastoral Support: MOUNT ST. MARY’S SCHOOL