BHI Cancer Project

Members of National Cancer Equality Implementation (Advisory) Group

Secretariat for BME Cancer Alliance

Working in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK

Working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support

Working in Partnership with Public Health Leeds

Delegates from the BHI and Prostate Cancer UK awareness raising in Huddersfield


BHI through working within the community over numerous years identified a service gap. Members of the African and African Caribbean, Dual Heritage communities within Leeds were frequently diagnosed with various cancers at a more progressive stage than other communities.


The reason for this varied, from cultural myths and beliefs, through to a lack of knowledge of symptoms. Our community support had acknowledged the need to work effectively within local communities and the Metropolitan District of Leeds due to being acutely aware of the lack of awareness and accessing of Cancer Support Services that are available for individuals and carers.

The aim of the project:

Community Outreach

Address the myths and cultural beliefs within the communities

Provide factual information via culturally competent mediums to increase knowledge on signs and symptoms

Hold information sessions/conferences and workshops

Provide health clinics within a culturally competent setting

Provide gender-specific groups which can respond to health documents/papers/surveys nationally and locally thus having an impact on services and change

Provide information on citywide services/support groups

Professional Partnerships

Collate relevant data

Influence service provision/providers to increase uptake of services

Provide culturally specific information to strategic and policymakers thus impacting on culturally competent service provision and ease of access

Provide culturally correct information encouraging an increase in culturally competent  awareness

Co-ordinate and facilitate meetings between service providers and service users

Co-produce material to meet the needs of both the target groups and the agencies




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